‘CHANCE THE RAPPER’ waves goodbye to Australia’

‘CHANCE THE RAPPER’ waves goodbye to Australia’
January 5, 2017 15 Minutes of Fame

US Artist ‘Chance The Rapper’ left our Australian shores first thing Thursday bound for Los Angeles.

Dane Swan’s favourite Rapper arrived at Melbourne Airport’s Qantas First Class lounge Thursday morning just hours after he performed to a sold out Festival Hall show.

The retired Collingwood star took to his social media to highlight the rockin’ beats as Chance threw down some of his best beats.

The American was courteous enough to wave to the cameras with his overbearing security refusing to allow their star studded client to talk.

He blasted Wednesday night with many fans saying #ChanceTheWrapper was one of the best shows they’d seen.

Check out the US native who exited his limo this morning entering QANTAS’ First Class entry….

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