October 8, 2016 15 Minutes of Fame

The British songstress touched down in Melbourne Saturday hidden by her security detail and back up dancers.

Fans waited for hours to get a glimpse of the grumpy Brit, so too did members of the paparazzi.

Ellie Goulding may or may not have been in a foul mood, but considering Melbourne was last on her list of tour dates, she may or may not have been exhausted.

Was it all those kilometres pounding the treadmill in Sydney for a Nike promotion or does she not like people who make her an international star?

I bet Adelaide and Perth fans are sleeping soundly this week, not having to worry about Ellie Goulding’s singing ringing in their collective ears after the remaining 2 shows were canceled due to poor ticket sales.

#15MinutesofFame spotted the bottle blonde 29 year old exiting her South Yarra hotel as she jumped into the rented Kia.

Shielded by her security detail and a celebrity sycophant paid by the hotel to usher people inside electric doors, Goulding stuck her middle finger up at the cameras.

Now, we all love a bad boy or on this case girl, but to fly around the world and treat people with disdain is far from lady like.

Maybe Goulding is just bound to have devil’s luck with her name containing 13 letters.

Another international superstar whose name contains 13 letters fell foul of the underworld last week and she escaped with her life. Her name is Kim Kardashian…

Thanks for the memories Ellie and the middle finger!


15 Minutes of Fame


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